Incorporated in 2017, Tea North’s vision is to inspire people, and their communities, to live their best & healthiest lives.

With a line of carbonated iced teas that are organic and sugar-free, the Company’s mission is to develop great tasting and healthy beverages using the highest quality, organic ingredients.

Guiding our work are the principles of inclusivity (social responsibility), sustainability (environmental stewardship), fairness (doing well by doing good) and collaboration (sharing knowledge and listening to others), with a focus on wellness throughout the process (finding contentment and joy in the work).


Founder and CEO, David Moore

David Moore

Founder and CEO

With a background in the Tea Industry spanning generations, Tea North’s Founder, David Moore, is responsible for the Company’s vision, and flavour & product development. A serial entrepreneur, David has developed over 500 different tea blends in his career, and has won several awards for his efforts.  A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, David’s love of tea is equaled only by his love of music.

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