Tea North’s mission is simple: provide tasty tea-based beverages, that are sugar-free and unsweetened, to as many people as possible!

Tea North is a growing player in the international beverage industry. With offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Encinitas, California, USA, Tea North produces 6 flavours of organic unsweetened iced tea, currently available for purchase online, and in major grocery stores, cafe’s, corners stores, and small shops across Canada & the US.

At Tea North, we are committed to serving the best interests of our customers and shareholders. We seek to enhance shareholder value not only through strong business performance, but also through responsible and effective manufacturing practices and honest communication. If you are interested in Tea North’s financial performance, and would like to explore investing in our company and products, please fill out the form below.

Please note, Tea North Ltd. is a private Canadian Corporation. While we encourage you to express interest in working with us, we do not make our financial data public and thus must evaluate you as an investor prior to disclosing any financial documents or private data.

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